Sunday, 18 September 2011


Sorry for the delay in posting, the last few weeks/month have been crazy!! At the beginning of September I visited Graham and Brown in Blackburn and worked with their design team. It was a really interesting experience and I was lucky enough to have a tour of their factory and see just how many people and machines it takes to make a piece of wallpaper! The answer is.. alot! Whilst I was up there they also viewed my portfolio and actually bought one of my lace wallpaper designs which is very exciting. Watch this space for my first wallpaper design being put into production, it's crazy to think people will actually be able to decorate their homes with something I've designed! 

This week I have been in Leicester at a studio called Art Cottage, where I am setting up a plotter cutting facility. It's all very exciting stuff and it has been great to work with such a lovely and extremely talented team.

Finally next week I will be exhibiting at Tent and if anyone is in the London area, please come and see me! I'll be on the Art BathSpa Stand - E14.

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